The audio of the much awaited Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Panja is out in the stores and there are high expectations from the film and a personal expectation for Pawan Kalyan himself following the debacle of his last two movies – Puli and Teen Maar!! Here is my review of the music for the movie given by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

1.  Panja – Artiste – Yuvan Shankar Raja; Lyrics – Ramajogaiah Sastry

Rating – 3.5/5; Repeatability Factor – High

The number Panja, pipped to be the concept of the movie which would have (or expected to have) Pawan Kalyan performing some stunts is the opening song in the album and gives the required “Panja” to the album. The number is all about energy and Yuvan’s voice is just the right attribute. The album has tones of rock music in between and gives a glimpse of Bryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen in some places.  A sure repeat number and I am sure the listeners would love this song!!!

2. Ela Ela – Artistes – Hari Haran, Shweta Pandit; Lyrics – Chandra Bose

Rating – 4/5; Repeatability Factor – Very High

Now, why do always the second songs in the album the best ones?? I still can’t understand the reason. Yet another amazing number from Yuvan. This is a number which can be emulated by none and a typical Yuvan specialty!! Hari Haran and Shweta too add a lot of energy to the number. Simple and yet sweet lyrics by Chandra Bose, which again is possible only to him!! The song is expected to be shot amazingly at beautiful locations. If there is a number which would make this album a special one, this is it!!!

3. Veyira Cheyyi Veyira – Artiste – Saloni ; Lyrics – Ramajogaiah Sastry

Rating – 3/5; Repeatability Factor – Little

Just like the sauce in the noodles item songs adds the taste and spice to the movie. These days hardly find the movies without item songs.  Veyira Veyira song is such a mass song of this movie. There are a lot of similarities with “Gajja Ghallu Mannadi” from Khushi, this is not a fast beat song but would definitely be a favorite song for mass audience.

4. Kshanam Kshanam – Artiste – Shweta Pandit; Lyrics – Chandra Bose

Rating – 2.5/5; Repeatability Factor – Very Little or No

A short song, rendered by Shweta Pandit, is the female version of Ela Ela. The number could have been great if the artiste was different as the song requires better understanding of the language to emote as heroine expresses her feelings in this song.   The song is too short for the audience and the listener to remember.

5. Anukoneleddhuga – Artiste – Belly Raj, Priya Hemesh; Lyrics – Chandra Bose

Rating – 3/5; Repeatability Factor – Fairly Ok

A sweet song!! Belly Raj and Priya Hemesh have done a wonderful justice to Chandra Bose’s lyrics. The simplicity in the lyrics is the uniqueness of Chandra Bose, which he has mastered over the years and is always successful!!  One line in the song goes – “Aidhu pranala sakshi ga,naalugu kaalala sakshi ga,moodu pootallo rendu gundello okate prema ga”, is my personal favorite.

6. Paparayudu  – Artiste – Hemachandra, Sathyam; Lyrics – Ramajogaiah Sastry

Rating – 3/5; Repeatability Factor – Good

The Mafia Don story completely turns to a village backdrop movie in second half. Brahmanandham is playing the one of the main role in this movie. After a long time Pawan again opened his mouth before a mike as a singer with his excellent voice. This is completely a funny song which praises Brahmi’s character. Pawan kalyan dance is expected to be the highlight of this song. I promise you will definitely listen this with a smile on your face.

Overall Verdict

The album on the whole is good with a few numbers which are going to create a buzz in the charts. Though Yuvan does only a few films in Telugu, his understanding of the expectations of Telugu listeners and particularly Pawan Kalyan fans is worth a praise. Considering that Pawan Kalyan never had a bad album in his career, this album is sure rock the charts soon. My picks are Ela Ela, Panja and Paparaydu in the order. Good luck team Panja !!

Overall Rating – 3.5/5