Ra.One – the prestigious international project starring the Badshah of Bollywood, King Shahrukh Khan took five long years to complete and is ready to hit the screens soon. Directed by the talented Anubhav Sinha and music rendered by the dazzling Vishal-Shekhar duo, who, time and again have been giving amazing albums to us. With star credits like Akon singing a number and the usual hype that surrounds an SRK movie, let us see what the music has got to offer….

1. Chammak Challo – Akon & Hamsika Iyer; Lyrics –  Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani & Niranjan Iyengar – 3.25/5

There are four versions of the song in this album. Ah! the song has become an entity by itself. Simple lyrics, probably penned to make Akaon at ease while singing in Hindi, but I must say, Chammak Challo is a sure-shot winner. It’s refreshingly different and sets a euphoric mood. Less said, the better, and Akon is at his best in the International Version of the song with no female co-singer to steal the show. The international mix comes very close to the leaked version of Chammak Challo. It’s not jazzy, quite unlike the original.

Anyway there is even a Punjabi Mix of the song, served with Bollywood tadka. Expect a smattering of words like mahiya and nakhre! Hamsika Iyer’s sassy voice does full justice to this smashing track.Chammak Challo Club Mix with little variation is made suitable for disc consoles. But when the original is so good, who needs the club mix anyway! It’s a Chammak Challo vicious circle! Enter at your own risk. Still the album has a proper Remix Version for you. Now we get why Shahrukh Khan so fondly called his fans the Chammak Challos. The heady remix will stick in your head.

Overall, a very good mix of beats to match the desi style, some arabian touch with an international flavor!! sure will be played on FM and may music players for the time to come!!

2. Dildara (Stand By Me) – Shafqat Amanat Ali, Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani & Clinton Cerejo; Lyrics – Kumaar – 3.5/5

As I said in my last blog too, why is that the second number in the album, always the best song and my personal favorite???  The second song, Dildara Dildara, I do not know why the makers were saying that the song is a rehash of a classic number Stand By Me by Ben E. King, when it sounds so unique and in essence is a pure Bollywood love track. Shafqat’s rendition of the song makes it a regular but very much lovable song. May sound templated on Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s patterns, but it’s great to listen to anyway.

3. Criminal – Akon, Vishal Dadlani & Shruti Pathak; Lyrics: Kumaar & Vishal Dadlani – 2.5/5

Criminal, with the vocals by Akon again, with Shruti Pathak and Vishal Dadlani, sounds addictive. Addictive again, though the album seems to be getting a bit repetitive here. If you think your energy level has waned, then do listen to this track. Akon has also lent his voice to this song and Vishal Dadlani gives him a good company. Both have belted out a track which can even wake up the dead. I think the song is too noisy, unless you are a heavy metal freak!!

4. Bhare Naina – Nandini Shrikar, Vishal Dadlani & Shekhar Ravjiani; Lyrics: Panchhi Jalonvi – 3.25/5

Now is the time to clamber down after partying enough. Ecstatic mood of yours will feel a lilt with the melancholic strain of Bhare Naina. If you have been to the rock fests quite often, this song would not come as a nice experiment. The fusion works when its dramatic crescendo hits the highest pitch. And right at that moment the song will take you on a musical ride. Kudos to the singer, Nandini Srikar, for rendering this quasi-classic, rock number. But we would have loved the track more if it had been a soothing, somber track touching our hearts.

5. Right By Your Side – Siddharath Coutto; Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan – 3/5

Now the Ra.One album gives out the message of G.One, who comes with a promise to be Right By Your Side. This is a musical example of Bollywood music gelling so well with the contemporary international music. We can get the feel; the track would look and sound incredible on big screen. Just wait for the show.

6. Raftaarein – Vishal Dadlani & Shekhar Ravjiani; Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani – 3/5

Raftaarein is the 21st century version of Aa Dekeh Zarra and Duniya Mein Logon Ko!! Full of energy which reaches the peak with the rather unconventional voices of Vishal and Shekhar turns into a full fledged background song for the superhero. Not really a musical thing to listen to until the video comes, but I hope the song would get much more meaning with the movie. The fast-paced number perfectly suits the theme of our superhero, who is not sluggish in saving the world in time of crisis, and dazzles like a luminous celestial body.

7. Jiya More Ghabraaye – Sukhwinder Singh & Vishal Dadlani; Lyrics – Lyrics: Anubhav Sinha & Vishal Dadlani – 2.5/5

Why does it happen that any Vishal-Shekhar and Vishal Bharadwaj movies always have a Sukhwinder Singh number? Not that he is a bad singer, but I think this is becoming very predictable for the director duo!! Anyway, the number is a little  Rap and  more of Sukhwinder Singh’s alaap and is very drab to me – not up to the mark!!

8. I’m On (Instrumental)- 2.75/5

As far as the themes are concerned, didn’t find anything too attractive in Comes the Light, while IM On looks like good ringtone material because people are already familiar with the track as background theme. Song of the end is effective, though it sounds like a typical ‘end’ tune of movies, a little older ones I’d say.

Overall Rating – 3/5

Final Verdict

Overall, Ra.One is not something usual. If you’re looking for a regular, nice album with melodious numbers from Vishal-Shekhar, you may be in for a disappointment. But then I don’t think that was the aim of the album or the movie from the very start. It’s more of an experiment with at least some amount of English in every song, even the very Indian bhare naina. And as an experiment, I think it’s quite successful, as many of the songs are definitely going to be addictive, and hence popular.