Every now and then, a movie scene featuring food comes along that makes your mouth water… either because it makes you hungry or because it makes you want to puke. I thought this we’d look at both so I’ve got two Top 5′s for you, my dear readers. Let’s start with the good stuff. Bon appetite!

The Best of Them All

Fried Green Tomatoes

At the end of the flashback scenes in this film, the diner serves up what looks like some of the best BBQ I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately, I can only put it at number five seeing as the meat used to be attached to the bones of Ruth’s abusive ex-husband! However, if I ever did go cannibal, this is the way to do it.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

There is nothing better than a much anticipated feast at the end of a night of booze, drugs, debauchery and Neal Patrick Harris! About three-quarters of the way through this film, my mouth was watering for that plate stacked with 30 of those mouth watering little burgers!

One Upon a Time in Mexico

Puerco Pibil… this dish looks amazing but it’s the way Johnny Depp talks about it in the film that makes me want it all the more. The good news is, the DVD features a 10 Minute Cooking School in the Special Features that actually shows you how to recreate this dish.

European Vacation

Could not score a good image for this one unfortunately! On the plane ride over to their doomed vacation across the pond, each of the Grizzwolds nods off into dreamland and imagines their own vision of the perfect European Vacation. Audrey’s has to do with food and featured one of the greatest smorgasbords in movie history. Unfortunately, you have to eat quick because the courses change every 15 seconds. Well, that and you might explode from overeating… but it sure would be worth it!


The prison feasts cooked up in Goodfellas ALWAYS makes me hungry. I think it has something to do with the way Paulie cuts the garlic thinner than paper with a razor so it dissolves in the pan. I hear the sauce has a little too much onion but that it’s still a pretty damn good sauce!

The Worst of Them All

Napolean Dynamite

I don’t know about you but, the first time I watched this movie, I get sick watching Uncle Rico eating what appears to be a microwaved steak sitting in a plate of it’s own juices. I’d actually rather eat Tina’s ham out of the grass (actually I am a vegetarian!!!)

The Matrix

So, this is what they eat on the Nebuchadnezzar. Dozer, in the film, says, “It’s a single celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins and minerals. Everything the body needs.”  I tend to share Apoc’s opinion… it looks like snot! And probably tastes like it!

Cast Away

You have to put yourself in the film for this one. At the end of the film, after Tom Hanks has been rescued, he’s in a suite of some kind with officials from FedEx. Now, he’s spent the past several years trapped on a deserted island and the food spread they put out includes shrimp cocktail and a fruit plate??? That’s just mean, man.


With my “BEST” list (above), I’ve proven that I’m pretty much on the fence when it comes to cannibalism. However, eating good BBQ is one thing. Carving up your teammate and roasting him on an open fire in the middle of a frozen tundra is something else entirely!

Indiana Jones and The Temples of Doom

For a while there, I was feeling a little bad for working Indiana Jones films into too many lists. Now, I’m kind of curious how many times I can do it! Especially under these circumstances, when it’s totally deserved. I mean, you’ve got your monkey brains, eyeball soup and let’s not forget snake surprise. What’s the surprise? That you’re not going to feast on the dead carcass of a giant snake but rather eat all the slimy little ones that were boiled in it’s guts. Y-U-M-M-O!

So, what movies make your mouth water… for better or worse?