Nandamuri Bala Krishna will soon be reaching the big-screens in the role of Lord Rama in the  legendary Bapu directed magnum opus Sri Rama Rajyam. While Nayantara will be seen as Goddess Sita, Akkineni Nageswara Rao is essaying a very important role in the movie. The expectations on Sri Rama Rajyam are very high as it is inspired from Lava Kusa and has been made with rich technical values.  Adding to that is the magical film making skill and artistic depiction of movies by the Bapu-Ramana duo. Maestro Ilayaraja scored the music. Here is the Sri Rama Rajyam music review… Take a look!!!1. Jagadhananda Karaka – 4/5; Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam, Shreya Ghoshal; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Jagadhanada Karaka is a melodious number describing the glory of Lord Rama and his rule where the kingdom is filled with the happiness. Ilayaraja has used the right mix of classical instruments that enhanced the melody of this number. The literary values of the song are high and SP. Balasubramaniam, Shreya Ghoshal are excellent in rendering their vocals for this number. Melodious Start!!!

2. Evadunnadu – 3.25/5; Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam, Akkineni Nageswara Rao; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Evadunnadu is a bit track which is a conversation between Valmiki and Naradha Maharshi. The song takes off with A.N.R’s voiceover followed by SPB. This time, Ilayaraja has used Tabla predominantly along with the violin so that the instruments do not dominate the singer’s voice. The track goes onto explain the traits and nobleness of Lord Rama.

3.Sita Rama Charitham – 3.5/5; Artist(s): Anitha, Keerthana; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Yet another melody based number rendered soulfully by Anitha and Keerthana. The song is all about the fundamental episodes of Ramayana right from Ravana planning abduction of Sita Devi in Panchavati forests to the latter facing the Agni Pariksha. Jonnavithula has penned powerful words which are an additional asset to the number.

4.Sri Rama Lera – 3.5; Artist(s): Ramu, Shreya Ghoshal; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Ramu and Shreya Goshal make an impressive take at this number with a soothing rendition. Sri Rama lera is rendered with classical Indian music which is delightful and inspiring. The number yet again describes the qualities and traits of Rama along with his bond with wife Sita, which are penned beautifully by Jonnavithula.

5.Devulle Mechindi: – 4/5; Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal, Chitra; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Devulle Mechindi is rendered beautifully by Shreya Ghoshal and Chitra with mellifluous vocals. Sung with a lot of devotion, the number might be the picturised on Lava and Kusa while describing the importance of Ramayana in the song. The fine composition of glowingly devotional lyrics with impressive vocals makes it a brilliant soundtrack.

6.Gaali Ningi Neeru – 3/5; Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Ilayaraja has scored this number in a commercial style with modern instrumentals that will leave one in surprise. Jonnavithula has tried his best in scripting the song with different words of pain and misery of Lord Rama while Sita Devi is being sent to forest. Special praises for SP. Balasubramaniam for singing this song beautifully capturing the emotions.

7.Ramayanamu Sri Ramayanamu – 4/5; Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal, Chitra; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Ramayanamu Sri Ramayanamu is a brilliant number explaining the highlights, dharmas, sacrifices and philosophical elements of Ramayana. Well rendered by Chitra and Shreya Goshal, the song has extremely beautiful and moving lyrics by Jonnavithula. Ilayaraja has made it even more interesting with good use of classical Indian instruments.

8.Dhandakam — 3/5; Artist(s): Surabhi Sravani, Keerthana; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

The bit track is about 1 minute which goes praising Rama. Surabhi Sravani and Keerthana have done justice to the track.

9. Sita Simantham – 3/5; Artist(s): Shreya Ghoshal; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Sita Srimantham as the title suggests appears in the episode of Sita’s baby Shower. The track is situational just like the earlier ones and the music sounds familiar to Ilayaraja’s old hits. As per the audio, it has nothing to boast of.

10.Rama Rama ane — 3.5/5; Artist(s): Swetha, Anitha; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

The number is all about Rama’s childhood acts which are enjoyed by Vasishta maha muni and others. The song makes an interesting listen with pleasant lyrics from Jonnavithula and classy rendition by Ilayaraja. Listen to it!!!

11.Kalaya Nijama – 3/5; Artist(s): Tippu; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Kalaya Nijama is about Lord Hanuman expressing his sadness and helplessness for his divine Rama. Tippu has rendered the song well with out missing the emotion. Let’s wait to watch it on big-screens.

12. Idhi Pattabhi – 3/5; Artist(s): Swetha; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

The track has a folk touch and carries in a distinct tune. The song is all about the young Lava and Kusa during their infancy. The song has been tuned in folk style with classical instruments and it has its own literary and music values.

13.Shapthaswaradhamarudam: – 3.25/5; Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

The track is a short prayer to divine and SP. Balasubramaniam has sung it with lot of devotion. He seems to be the perfect choice.

14.Mangalamu Ramunaku: — 3/5; Artist(s): Anitha, Keerthana; Lyricist: Jonnavithula

Mangalamu Ramunaku is probably the climax song of the film and Anitha, Keerthana did a great job in singing this number.

Final Verdict

Sri Rama Rajyam is a mythological film and true to its genre, the songs are classical with high literary values. Every track is situational and has its own importance in Ramayana. Ilayaraja impresses the listeners with the devotional album by delivering the needful to the listeners. Sri Rama Rajyam audio raises the expectations even more on the film and if the film proves to box-office delight then this mythological album will be a big surprise in devotional music world.

Repeats – All; Skips – None

Positives – Pure Telugu sounding sounds and songs after ages;

Negatives – None in particular, but this type of songs may not be liked by the youth and masses, not their type

Overall Rating – 4/5