This is a culmination on my views, sourced from various sources on how and where to make a new acquaintance with women!! Please understand that I have personally not tried all of them, if to be honest, none at all!! However, what I recall from “discussions” and “interactions” with friends and friends of friends during a leisure coffee or a dinner, I have put these here!! You are at your own risk when you want to try these!!

Bars are always touted as the best place to meet a potential new girlfriend. But think about it for a moment, and you’ll see it’s nonsense. Few women welcome approaches from strangers they can’t see properly, and who have been drinking – that’s even assuming she’s in there on her own, which is highly unlikely.

The crush and sweat of a club isn’t ideal either, unless you’re after the purely physical, since neither of you can hear what the other one’s saying above the relentless thump-thump of the music.

Parties sometimes work better, often because you have friends in common. You still won’t hear what she’s saying, but plenty of research into social proximity demonstrates the probability of people meeting is directly proportional to the number of shared contacts.

Then again there’s always a risk you’ll look like all the other party animals she’s met: on the prowl for a one-night stand. But don’t give up, just look elsewhere. Aim to meet ‘people’ rather than ‘girls’, and go somewhere you belong and find interesting. That way if you do meet someone you’re more likely to hit it off.

Oh – and you already know this, but you probably already have a great place to meet women delivered to you on a plate: your place of work.

Dance Class (or somewhere similar, say, painting or acting schools)

A chance to shine without showing off, physical contact is natural, and men are almost certain to be in the minority. Assuming you are straight it’s also the perfect way to demonstrate your less masculine attributes – although you’ve got to love it or you’ll stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Alumni Reunions

Alumni already have something in common, and these events are just made for singles because who’d bring a partner? In addition half those attending are probably there because they’ve just split up and want to reconnect – or fancy trying something new.

Local Park

You need a dog to do this or you’re just another stalker. A dog’s a great ice-breaker, providing he isn’t a rottweiler, and remember what they say about owners and their pets. If she’s got a yappy little chihuahua living in her It Bag she might not be quite the girl you’re after.


Again you need to pick an activity with a bit of physical interaction, rather than just hanging round the running machines trying to start a conversation. Yoga or some kind of martial art should do it – plus you know the wallflowers will have ruled themselves out by going to yesterday’s ladies-only session.

Supermarket or a grocery store

It’s a cliche, but like all cliches there’s something in it. Shopping’s something we all do, you don’t have to concentrate so it’s easy (and natural) to strike up a conversation, and guessing someone’s personality from the contents of their trolley is the sort of amateur psychology we can all understand.

A Queue

You need a witty or intelligent opener here, and if it falls flat you’re stuck until the queue moves on. She might just welcome the distraction, however, and at the very least it will take your mind off just how much of your life you waste waiting in line.

Bookstore, Music Store

If it looks like she’s into your kind of thing, it might be worth breaking the ice by asking if she can recommend anything. Many of the big chains – and museums – have coffee shops in the basement too, the perfect place to suggest visiting once you’ve got her attention.

Hobby or Activity Group Outings

Based around a hobby or an activity you enjoy, an organised outing can be a simple way to meet new faces in relaxed, neutral surroundings without any of the stress or expectations of a date. Plus, if you’re genuinely interested in a subject the chances are you’ll be more interesting to talk to.


It’s not everyone’s bag, but charity or community volunteering is a great way to bring like-minded souls together. It also offers new ways to interact with others in a different kind of environment, plus everyone gets a buzz from doing something selfless and genuinely worthwhile. Furthermore, some women for some strange reason feel that many men are selfish and mercenary, so this is an automatic way of disproving your membership of that particular club.
So, all you men out there, try your luck with one or all of these!! Again please do not blame me for any rebuke from the women!!