Allu Arjun, Tamannah’s Badrinath audio was launched on a grand scale. Badrnath is a semi-period subject, being made with a whopping budget of 40 crores. V.V.Vinayak is wielding the megaphone for this action-packed entertainer and Allu Aravind has produced it on Geetha Arts. Being made with such a huge budget and being semi-period film, fans are expecting no lesser than another Magadheera from the makers. Keeravani, who scored music for Magadheera has been roped in for Badrnath too. Check out the Badrinath Music Review exclusively on Way2Movies…

01. Omkareswari: Artist(s): Shankar Mahadevan, MM. Keeravani; Lyricist: Veturi; Rating: 4/5

Keeravani has dedicated this track to Badrinath. Omkareswari is a devotional number that starts off with words Hari Om… The number goes with strong drum beats all over and Shankar Mahadevan, MM. Keeravani’s vocal rendition is extremely good keeping up the tempo and a special mention for late Veturi’s wonderful lyrics. This is the last song Veturi has penned for, and brilliant work by him. Listen to it!!!

02.  Amba Dari: Artist(s): Revanth, Shravana Bhargavi; Lyricist: Chandrabose; Rating: -3/5

Keeravani has composed a fast-paced duet song which is of typical Indian style with a folk touch. Chandrabose lyrics are enjoyable and entertaining with the use of rhyming words at the end of stanzas. With a variation in the music instruments, Revanth and Shravana Bhargavi sang in a steady tempo and extend to a high pitch. Allu Arjun would have rocked the number with his dances.

03.  In the night: Artist(s): Baba Sehgal, Shravana Bhargavi; Lyricist: Shravana Bharghavi; Rating: 3.25/5

The track starts of with the English words In the night… Keeravani has composed completely youthful song, which goes on western style and the entertaining singers Baba Sehgal and Shravana Bhargavi joins to give out the necessary zing to the track. Apart from singing, Shravana Bhargavi also contributed for lyrics, which is appreciable. Keeravani’s instrumentation had a nice variation of tempo with some rap that grabs your attention.

04. Nachchavura: Artist(s): Sreeram Chandra, Chaitra; Lyricist:  M.M.Keeravani; Rating: 3.25/5

Nachavura is a sensual duet with a mix of electronic and traditional instruments. Besides, acting as a music director, Keeravani himself has penned romantic lyrics for the number. Sreeram Chandra and Chaitra are good in their vocals and added melody to the number. The track lacks uniqueness and is just like other melodious duets.

05.  Nadh Nadh: Artist(s): Jassie Gift, Sunidhi Chauhan; Lyricist: Chandrabose; Rating: 3/5

Kannu moosthe Badrinadh… is a fast-paced duet with a masala style in the form of its lyrics as well as beat. Sunidhi Chauhan has excelled in the track and she has been supported by Jassie Gift. The track has all the elements to attract the masses and imagine the Stylish Star dancing to the tune. Well, wait for it to reach the big screens folks.

06. Chiranjeeva: Artist(s): Revanth, Shreya Ghoshal; Lyricist: Chandrabose; Rating: 2.75/5

Yet another slow romantic duet rendered by Revanth, followed by Shreya Ghoshal with her sweet vocal and Chandrabose has penned simple lyrics in his regular style. The number reminds you of old songs and might not grab your attention in the initial listen. The track is strictly for melody lovers.

07. Ambadhari Remix: Artist(s): Anuj Gurwara, Geetha Madhuri; Lyricist: Chandrabose; Rating: 3.25/5

The remix version sounds much techno and surprisingly, enjoyable than the original track. Anuj Gurwara, Geetha Madhuri adds the necessary zing to the increased tempo and makes it much interesting and entertaining. Listen to it and enjoy…

08. Vasundhara: Artist(s): MM. Keeravani, Swetha Pandit; Lyricist: Chandrabose; Rating: 3.25/5

Vasundhara is a slow-paced melodious duet and Swetha Pandit makes it even more pleasing with her sweet vocals. Keeravani too, makes the soft with his rendition. Keeravani picked up few instruments to make this track, as simple. Chandrabose lyrics are admiring.

09. Badrinath Theme: Singers: Twin Cities Choir; Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad;Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to the outstanding work of Keeravani through the theme. The instrumentation is amazing, which is dominated by the singers to uplift the mood of the story in necessary scenes.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Badrinath album is a mix of a couple western beats, melodious numbers, mass beats and a devotional track. Keeravani tried to make the album simple yet entertaining, also giving the Stylish Star, enough scope to show his dancing movements. Give it a try…