Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is gearing up to reach the big-screens, this summer with the film Veera by teaming up with current sensational actresses Kajal Agarwal and Tapsee. Veera is an out and out mass entertainer and the interesting fact is the film is biggest budget in Ravi Teja’s career till date. Producer Ganesh Indukuri and director Ramesh Varma has used the services of music director Thaman. Veera is the fourth film in the combo of Ravi Teja and Thaman and their previous outings Kick, Mirapakaya were well-received by the audience while Anjaneyulu remained as average. Let’s see how Thaman scored for Veera. This is my review of Veera Music review…

1.Ekkadekkada: Singer: Ramya N.S; Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Thaman started off the album with a peppy number in western style with a mix of Indian beats. Ramya’s vocal rendition is appealing along with Ramajogayya Sastry’s lyrics, which has more of English words. The tune is enjoyable too. On the flip side, it reminds you of Okkadante Okkade from Ragada scored by Thaman himself and sung by Ramya again. Listen to it…

2.O Meri Bhavri: Singers: Thaman. S, Bindu Mahima; Lyrics: Rahaman

Sung by Thaman and Bindu Mahima, O Meri Bhavri is has an interesting beat with a distinct tune. The rap in it makes even more enjoyable. Rahman has penned some interesting lyrics. The number is a foot-tapping one and welcomes you to the dance floor. Good One.

3. Chitti Chitti: Singer: Karthik; Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Chitti Chitti is a fast-paced duet number with typical mass beats picturised on Ravi Teja and Kajal Agarwal. It is a routine commercial formula song with lots of drum beats and the song seems to be aimed at mass audiences. Though the tune is regular, it is catchy.

4.Chinnari:  Singers: Karthik; Lyrics: Sirasri

This is a short bit song with meaningful lyrics by Sirasri. Karthik’s vocal rendition is good and the song is a situational number. As per the audio, you can simply ignore it watch it on the big screens.

5.Hosanam: Singers: Ranjith, Roshini; Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Hosanam is a unique composition from Thaman’s regular numbers.  Thaman gave a lovely melodious tune to the duet, which is pleasing to ears at the very first listen. Ranjith, Roshini’s vocal renditions are appealing. The song goes slow-pace and Bhaskarabhatla has neatly penned the lyrics.

6. Maavilla (Remix): Singers: Muralidhar & Ganga; Lyrics: Bandaru Danayya Kavi

Mavilla Thotakada is a remix track of Late NTR’s most memorable mass masala song from Driver Ramudu. The track begins with superb energetic vocals by Muralidhar and Ganga. Thaman keeps the number simple with his instrumentation befitting the original version. A superb remix…

7. Veera Veera: Singers: M.L.R Karthikeyan & Ranina Reddy; Lyrics: Abhinaya Srinivas

Here is the title song of the film and looks like, it is the introduction song of our hero. Veera Veera starts of with the blowing whistles followed by strong mass beats and is sure to woo the front-benchers. The tune is a foot-tapping number and will appeal to Ravi Teja’s fans. However, it reminds you of old tunes and lacks freshness.

Final Verdict

Overall, Thaman played it safe with Veera by scoring typical mass beats targeting Ravi Teja’s fans and the album is sure to provide them the entertainment. While Chitti Chiiti, Mavilla remix and Veera Veera will appeal to the front benchers, Hosanam and O meri Bhavri will go well with the A centers.

Overall the album is a satisfying listen if one keeps aside the repetitiveness of the tunes. The album is definitely better than Anjaneyulu from the same combo but falls short of both Kick and Mirapakai as a whole with only one song Hossanam being the standout song from the album.

Listen to Veera album…

My Rating of the album: 3.25/5