Lust,  drugs, mafia and to add a little more spice to it we have Deepika Padukone performing a sensual item number,and it’s all there in Rohan Sippy’s long awaited Dum Maaro Dum. The movie is about different lives in Goa. Every one linked with drugs or love. It starts with Tani and Lorry (Pratriek Babbar) getting admission in US universities but  Lorry does not get a scholarship forcing him to depart from his love for four years.  When one is depressed he looks for comfort in liquor but Lorry goes astep forward and ends up relieving his pain with dope and sex. But his hopes return as his friend gives him a choice to do a minor drug transfer in return for $15000 for his admission. Initially confused he decides not to but eventually turns towards it.Everything is set for him to go, but as luck has it he is caught in the airport by ACP Vishnu Kamath (Abhishek Bachchan).

The story of Kamath is then shown. Once a corrupted officer of the narcotic department, his life changes when he loses his wife (Vidhya Balan) and son in a car accident. Now he has been appointed to clear all corners of Goa.  He appoints a team which includes Mercy (Muzammil S. Quereshi) and Sandesh Rane (Govind Namdeo) who one by one clear out all drug joints of Goa.

Now this rings a alarm in the house of Lorsa Biscuta (Aditya Panchsoli) who is the head of all drug deals in Goa. He owns most of the joints and has a hand in all kinds of business happening in Goa. All drug dealers are running scared and business seems to be slipping away when Biscuta turns to a secret friend Micheal Barbosa, who has never been seen before.  Now Kamath is in the hunt for Barbosa. Mean while Lorry has been taken in lock up and fearing the worst for his family he doesn’t say a word. But determined to save him, his friend DJ Joki (Rana Daggubati) keeps talking to Kamath. And also he takes the help of his other friends to root out information about Barbosa just to be caught by Biscuta and beaten by him. Joki is in this because he lost his love Zoe (Bipasha Basu) to Biscuta as she also fell into this drug trap. Zoe now works for Biscuta. Zoe meets Joki and he asks her to help him free lorry from the cops. She falls for him again and after making love to him she records Biscuta talking about deals and gives it to Joki. But Biscuta finds out about this and gets rid of her.

In this encounter Kamath finally finds out whom or rather what Barbosa is. But before he can close the case he is killed by Rane who turns out to be a traitor and an important man of Biscuta. Amidst all the incidents Joki finds out about everything and himself solves the case of Barbosa. He gets hold of all the drugs and calls Biscuta and makes a deal, he asks Biscuta to clear his and Lorry’s name. But while doing so he calls Rane. He takes Rane to the place where he has hid all the drugs. On the way he confronts Rane and kills him.

Next he calls Biscuta and tells him that it is the end of the story. Biscuta runs to the funeral of Kamath. We are then shown that all the drugs are kept inside the electrical furnace. Now with Kamath, everything that Biscuta owns is burnt to ashes. It’s a happy ending for everyone as Tani returns from USA and is reunited with Lorry. Now what exactly Barbosa means is something the movie needs to be watched .

Final verdict:

Your expectations will be failed when you expect a glossy romance, but ofcourse the thrillling elemnet by Ramesh  sippy will defenitely win the hearts of people who like action packed movie.

Rating : 3.5/5