This is in continuation of an old post where I have received a comment on my knowledge of the Rock Bands in India. I did some research and followed quite a few bands on their albums and songs. The final conclusion on the best Rock Bands in India is presented here. Essentially not in the same order but definitely worth their place in my list. The pictures and the information has been collated from various sources, so for any discrepancy I stand corrected.


Randolph, Shiraz, Papal and Vishal came together in 1994, with a strong need to play individual, original, unique music. Pentagram is one of India’s biggest rock bands playing rock/ electronica. Pentagram has released 3 original albums. Their album, “It’s Ok”, “It’s All Good” spent 6 weeks on the Planet M national charts, a first for any Indian band. Pentagram were the first Indian band to play at Glastonbury Music Festival in 2005. (


It is but a way of life for these six, going this way ever since that summer afternoon in Delhi, 17th June 1991. They named it PARIKRAMA… literal hindi means revolving around… encircling etc. Parikrama is amont the oldest and most popular Rock and Roll bands in the country. They have several live performances and original songs to their name. “But it rained” is one of their most popular songs and is dedicated to the kidnappings that occurred in the Kashmir Valley during the nineties. (


True to their name, Avial (a mixed vegetable Malayali delicacy) blends Malayali poetry with contemporary alternative rock music. With elements of Indie rock and folk music and an underlying electronic feel, Avial’s music has overcome language barriers drawing fans across the sub-continent. Their self-titled debut album. released by Phat Phish Records, speaks candidly about the band’s views on the political scenario in the country. At times idealistic, at times rooted in reality. Avial transcends genres, coining the term alternative Malayali rock. (

Raghu Dixit

The Raghu Dixit Project, founded by Raghupathy Dixit, is an open house for musicians and artistes from different genres to come together, collaborate and create a dynamic sound and expression. Raghu Dixit released his highly acclaimed debut album in February 2008 through the Mumbai based record labels Vishal & Shekhar Music set up by the popular Bollywood music duo Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani in association with Counter Culture Records. (


An Indian band in a global village. Mrigya’s music is sans geographical barriers, yet represents the vibrant face of a new India, where tradition coexists in harmony with modern philosophy.(


Advaita is an eclectic music group from New Delhi. They borrow their name from an ancient philosophy, which translates to mean Non-Duality. Since the  group was formed in 2004, Advaita has steadily grown to become one of the most respected acts on the Indian music scene. Their sound is a melange of the styles, moods and textures taken in from different cultures and different music systems of the world. (


Swarathma is a Bangalore based Indian folk fusion band that represents the sound of today’s India, rooted in traditional values while being open to the best of what the world has to offer. Blending Indian and Western influences effortlessly, their songs have themes as varied as personal journeys to socially relevant ones like the Cauvery dispute and religious hypocrisy. With a UK tour and album on EMI under their belt they are on their way to becoming one of India’s premier live acts. (


PUNKH – A cult outfit, combines energy in sanctimonious harmony, having a phenomenal range, of doing flying, bluesy tracks to hip new metal rap, all in one breath… PUNKH features Deepak Nair a.k.a Dean on Lead Vocals, Robin Joseph on Raps, backed by Yanger Sangir on Guitar and DJ Kunal Shourie on Groove Boxes and Turn tables. PUNKH describe their highly popular ballad “Yunajaa” as an anti-suicide track written in 2007 for their self titled debut album out on EMI music. (

Para Vayu

The rock band VAYU was formed by their guitar player, Ravi Iyer way back in 1997. VAYU started off as a classic rock band, with influences of the vintage classic rock sound and now is popularly known as PARA VAYU, which has evolved with a contemporary sound that caters to a wide range of generics from Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock, alternative et al. (

Something Relevant

Something Relevant is a Mumbai based band with an eclectic seven member ensemble. After a whirlwind tour of Indonesia and South Korea in the summer, the band got into YRF studios with producer Shantanu Hudikar to record and release it’s first album, “Feels Good To be Live” 2009. (

Thermal And A Quarter

Variously described, widely admired, often imitated and never confined to the limitations of genre, Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) is a pioneering Indian Rock Band. TAAQ has independently produced four albums and their last album was “This Is It”, mixed at A.R. Rahman’s studios by Grammy winner Jeff Peters, was released at the Java Jazz Festival (Jakarta) in 2009. (


Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues, Blues-Rock, Soul, Rock ‘n Roll, Funk and R&B, SOULMATE came together in Shillong in February 2003 playing their first concert at the “Roots Festival” at the Water Sports Complex in Umiam. Since then the band has performed many concerts all over The Northeast as well as in different parts of India. Internationally, they performed at the International Jazzmandu Festival in Kathmandu for two consecutive years 2004 and 2005, and they were the only Indian band who played at the International Blues in Memphis, USA, 2009.  (

Junkyard Groove

Over the years the Indian Sub-continent has been brewing quite a few underground rock bands and in the summer of 2005 Chennai gave us Junkyard Groove. Ameeth Thomas, Siddharth Srinivasan and Craig Maxworth got together almost randomly and realized that they had something to contribute to the world of Indian Rock and Roll. (


Internationally acclaimed as one of India’s most original bands, Menwhopause is perhaps one of the better known faces of New India in the music arena. With a career span of nine years packed with three international tours, one concept album and numerous awards, the band has been credited as being one of the forerunners in the new wave of Indian contemporary music. Menwhopause’s first major release titled “Easy” hit the stores in 2009 on EMI-Virgin Records. (


Medusa is a live alternative electronic act from Mumbai. The band comprises of – Rakshit (Vocals/ samples), Rahul (Guitar/ samples), Siddharth (Bass) and Vinayak (Drums). Medusa uses drums, bass, guitars, vocals and samples to make songs that lat for 3 minutes or infinity.(

Indigo Children

Indigo Children is a Delhi based band known for its well-crafted compositions. The band has generated a buzz in the Delhi rock scene, no doubt catapulted by their success as the winners of the 2007 edition of Channel [V] LaunchPad. Some of the bigger competitions they won over their first few years include Campus Rock Idols in 2005 and the Great Indian Rock Festival 2006. They were also one of the four bands chose to record with the world renowned producer John Leckle as a part of the British Council’s Soundpad. (

Them Clones

Them Clones were created sometime in 2000. The name reflects the general attitude of the band which was to look after their stage personalities as clones of their selves. They were the chosen ones at Channel [V] LaunchPad in 2005 and also got voted as the “Best Band” at JD Rock Awards twice in 2006 and 2007. (