I officially work in the internet field. Unofficially, I have Twitter, Facebook accounts, regularly write on this blog and post photos on Picasa. This idea was born thanks to the world wide web and grows thanks to its magic of connecting people. Many of my dearest friends live in other countries and the cheapest and faster way of communication is… the web. I sometimes think I live a parallel life. I feel like in some strange ways I’ve come to see and experience life through the coldness of cables and computer screens. Sometimes even through the coldness of a camera lens.

Yet there are two things I could never live without. A rucksack and a book. I’m spellbound to the adventure of travels and to the power of words, to the thrilling of discovery each is able to bestow on me in their own unique ways. Heading on a new journey, leaving your world and enter another, get to know its new rules and beauties, being fascinated by its colours, smells, sounds, savours… feeling the pages with your fingers, linger on some passages that strike your soul.

There’s a part of me that is profoundly Romantic. I like the smell of old book, the rough sensations of the worn paper on my fingertips. And when I travel I love to disconnect from technology, no laptop nor e-mails, even my mobile phone is switched off most of the time. Dip into another world, loose and find myself anew.

When I travel, even when I read a book, the only thing I just can’t leave behind is my camera. The only filter I allow myself, my compass, my North in unknown and fascinating realms.