Scratch the surface of a suave man and you may find seething anger… what makes men more prone to violence? Times Life found out. This is an excerpt from an article in the Times Life.

From a Woman’s Perspective:

  1. Seeing a stranger cozying up to his woman
  2. Professional frustration
  3. When his ego is hurt
  4. When a woman does not understand his silence
  5. If he thinks the woman or person he addresses is subservient, he gets carried away with his own power
  6. Seeing his dented
  7. What he perceives as not enough sex
  8. Another motorist cuts you off while driving
  9. Making more money than him
  10. Rejection from a woman or a cheating spouse

From a man’s point of view:

  1. When he loves someone and is ignored
  2. When somebody overtakes when driving
  3. When his girlfriend / wife is openly flirting in a party
  4. If his plan is not followed
  5. When his sexual competence is challenged or joked about in public or private
  6. When his expectations are not met at work, in relationships etc
  7. When his car or mobile is damaged
  8. When he is denied alcohol
  9. When his bank balance is made fun of in public or compared to another man’s
  10. When someone crushes his ego

What do you think really makes a man angry? Post your comments!!!