The United Nations has declared 2011 as ‘International Year of Forests.’ Keeping this in focus, Doo Creative India Pvt. Ltd., a young, Hyderabad-based agency, has brought out a calendar called ‘Green Guardians’ that aesthetically draws attention to the need to protect and conserve nature.

Coming at a time when nature seems `upset’ at the denuding of green cover, global warming and toxic spillages, lensman Suresh Natarajan has balanced the worrisome cause with beauty by depicting models in organic wear and wielding primitive weapons with aggression as green guardians..

Shot entirely in South Africa with an international cast, stylists and crew, the models have successfully brought out the cause for the urgent need to protect nature and earth.

Here are the green guardians of nature…….


Forests are the lungs of the earth. But increasing commercialization has led to the denuding of trees. As winter bids goodbye and green shoots spring up, Shayra Coser is here with a message: we do not own the earth, we have merely inherited it.


As the earth `freshens’ up after a harsh winter, Jessica Lee Buchanan is zealous to protect the greenshoots and the green cover that should be passed on to the next generation.


The first signs of summer are here as Lisa Maree Van Zyl shows how to relax but at the same time protect the wonders of earth’s sun-burnt beauty.


Trees are the true inheritors of the earth. Shayra Coser tells us that trees are our friends and the time-keepers of nature.


When the summer sun filters through a canopy of green cover, the rays form an artistic pattern. Jessica Lee Buchanan merges herself with this canvas and shows how wonderful it is to be one with nature.


When the monsoon pours its bounty, the earth dances in `green joy’. Washed by nature, the green cover gets a new coat of paint that only nature is adept in. And Lisa Maree Van Zyl is a guardian of this `monsoon painting’ of nature.


“Behold her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass!”

Shayra Coser stands alone bathed in the golden rays of the sun holding aloft a sickle-headed staff even as the tall grasses bow in unison.


The leaves and grasses stand still heralding the arrival of Jessica Lee Buchanan, “the August avatar”.


Welcome to the abode of the Jungle Queen! Behold Lisa Maree Van Zyl, the guardian at the gates!


And you thought the trees can’t speak! Forest officer Shayra Coser is all set for a combat after hearing the cries of nature.


Hallo! Who’s here? That’s Miss Hallo-green Jessica Lee Buchanan, the runaway winner of the best Halloween costume.


“Do you hear what I hear?” Lisa Maree Van Zyl of the Aerial Forest Force strikes a pixie-like pose up on the tree-top as she listens to the distant jingles of the bells.