None of them actually breaches Latitude or even offers beer pong, but there are plenty of places in town to totally abuse your liver …and lungs …and eardrums. And yes, here’s where you seek out the flashbulbs of the party pages.

1. Touch (Pub): Inducing an overwhelming feeling of being important, Touch has the best interiors in the city. Maybe even the nation, if the awards of the servicing industry matter.

2. Underdeck (Taj Banjara): Three things come to mind when you think Under Deck – live bands, dancing bartenders and the Long Island Ice Tea. Also, there’s a pretty good chance that everybody knows your name.

3. Ahala – The Drama Lounge (Taj Krishna): A watering hole for the wealthy, the corporate crowd, local expats and Tollywood stars, Ahala manages to keep everyone who comes in though its sybaritic portals, go back happy.

4. Liquids Again: Despite claims that Fusion 9 might have to the contrary, it’s Liquids that introduced to Hyderabad to the charm of a lounge bar.

5. Sixth Element: This booze-hole is just how a big brother must be – providing for shelter when weak, booze when thirsty and snacks when hungry. Unfortunately, it also provides for a bill when you don’t ask for it.

6. F Bar & Lounge:

7. 10 Downing Street: Most everyone drops in here at least once to spot celebs, catch up with old friends or just find out what the buzz is about.

8. Dublin (At ITC Kakatiya): For times when you want to get out and party but would still like more elbow room than a tin of sardines, and perhaps have a little more privacy than you’ll find on a free-for-all dance floor.

9. Bottles And Chimney Club: High up on the club’s agenda is keeping interest peaked, so every day of the week has something going on in terms of music and events.

10. Escape: No, this is not another hole to soak up your essential liquids. This is Escape, one of the very first places of the renaissance era. And still happening, despite all big ticket neighbours.

11. Sparks: The Mecca of hip-hop lovers on Thursdays, Sparks plays rather good music the rest of the week as well. And it’s one of the few pubs in town with that feature.

12. One Flight Down: As they once would have probably agreed – it’s a man’s world.

13. Fifth Element: Executives that have business to discuss will probably prefer this place as they don’t have to enter into an MOU in sign language as would be the case with other places with loud music.

14. Outswinger: We give in to the urge and use a cricket pun to capture the essence of Outswinger – it’s chirpy. (Wriggly and even hairy when you’re too drunk. That’s how crickets are, right?)