Most of us can name a person who is nice, good looking, beautiful, pretty, smart, funny etc. If you are in to impress a certain girl you like, here’s the DO’s and DONT’s

1. Look Good: Set your hair, have a shower, wash your face, NO YELLOW TEETH or bad breath, use a good deodarant, a little after shave. Sagging pants are an absolute NO-NO as this is very very important if you are going to approach an attractive girl. Its very vital to look and feel clean (seek expert advice from an older sister or a close female friend in this area. Do not wear anything too tight or too baggy – JUST the right attire!!!

2. Attitude is everything: Be a sport and easy to laugh with, and generally be outgoing. Try not to bragg about yourself. A girl may like an overly self centered guy at the begining, but sely will find it selfish. Do not try to impress all of them – meaning BE HUMBLE and accepting. A very good quotient of sense of humor is a add-on. Girls love it when guys make them laugh.

3. The word is Restecp: You may wonder what I meant here – remember the movie ALi G in da House where he takes the wrong spelling, yet wins the respect of all. You HAVE to respect everyone. If you respect her, it pays, if not you will pay for it. Kindness and soft spoken ness is a prime virtue.

4. A good conversation: Do not shoot what you think, but think and talk. You will make a foll of yourself if you get caught in a no-man’s land. No swearing. Do not repeat what you said, if may sound you are desperate and sometimes girls find it annoying.

5. Its a dialogue: Do not focus tne entire conversation around you. This is very good in a party not a date. Talk about common interests – movies, music, books NO POLITICS. I remember a guy who was arguing the policies of his favourite political group when he went on a date – you know what would have happened. Have open ended questions or answer to have a question. If in doubt, compliment, even though your answer is not convincing, the application will be convincing.

6. Art of Flirting: Its good to flirt, when she makes eye contact, give a slight smile. Do not stare at the same time if both of you have an eye contact do not be the one to look away. Touch her arm or shoulder for a few seconds. Physical contact is a great way to show you’re interested. If she seems uncomfortable, do not do it again.

7. Blushvilla: As I was telling do not stare her down. A great way to go ahead is to look away, if she finds it okay, she will glance. Look out for that. Be courteous, it does not cost a thing to open a door or pull a chair for her.

8. Respect her friends: One mistake most guys do is to praise another girl while talking. You can make a compliment but not get too much talking about how hot they are and stuff like that. Always speak high of the woman you like. Speaking bad about her will damage her reputation and ofcourse yours too. Remember you are known through your friends. Remember there is a thin red line in making her jealous and making her angry, identify that line and never cross it.

9. Be careful when you are introducing her to your friends. Make sure they dont embarass you by talking about your past relationships or awkward jokes. Its better to be safe than sorry. I have known and read about people who complain that the girl is getting too close to the friends. It is you who is going to date her not your friends. If friends are good and cool, group date is a great idea.

10. Respect her parents: It is very important to be polite and respect her parents. Again do not try to impress them as it tends to give a feeling that you are hiding something. Its always good to get along with her father as he will be looking our for his daughter.

11. No criticism: Unless she asks for constructive criticism. And even then she probably wants you to compliment her.

12. Romance: Making a biggie romantic gesture on the first date would make you look like a stalker, unless you have been dating or known about the day for quite a time. Its good to gift flowers and write an original poem, maybe sounding cheesy and yawkie, but the girl will realise it is from your heart. Remembre waht she might have told you – places, events something like that, a easy and better way is to go take her. Buy her a favourite author and hide a secret little love note inside. Chocolates are really cliche. If she gets the point that you are willing to listen that buy gifts and flowers then you are winner. Go for it.!!!

13. Be casual: Be friendly, try to make a friendly conversation. Do not ever compliment about shoes or clothes or hair, to show-off your metrosexuality, she might take for a homosexual as gay men are usually fashion conscious.

14. Be available: Its again cliche to play the hard to get type, but remember, after a while the gilr will lose interest thinking that you are not interested in her. So think before you play this idea.

15. Think before you ink: Do not discuss anatomy of human body or make adult rated jokes unless she starts or she is comfortable. Do not discuss anything inappropriate. She might feel grossed out.

16. Films, Books and Music: To impress her and at the same time have her thinking about you hum a nice song which is appropriate, she probably may like your music taste. Its a common fact that many break-ups occur because both the parties do not respec the music tastes of each other. If you do not like her music, do not proclaim it, try to salvage the situation by looking for a common taste in music. The same is with books and films also.

17. If you are to start a conversation, look or try for an easy to come starter line, she may feel involved and get closer. Now be careful not to overuse and kill the fun.

18. A second or third date may end with a hug and plans for the next meet. It is important to make her sure that you enjoyed her company.

19. To ask her out, tell her frequently that you like her. Now again do not sound desperate.

20. Touch: TOuching is okay as long it is appropriate.

21. Be a man: Stand up for her if something is wrong. Remember opposites always attract.

22. Honesty: Be creative, do something out of the box that no one would ever have done for her. That gives an impression about you and always ends with brownie points.

23. Open minded: Be open, but not tell her all your secrets. Do not look gloomy, look cheerful and bright.

Now these are my funda, in case if it is not working out for your woman, I am not to be blamed but it is always good to have an alternative to all these!!! All the best!!!