One aspect I keep hearing and sometimes forced to accept is – ” I am busy; I dont get time at work”. I keep questioning such people – are we really so busy??

Well, I think it is all about time management and work management. There is a simple funda I read somewhere from a very successful management-life style-spiritual guru. He says you would take and receive the work, which you can and will complete, not what you think you can complete. This is a very good postulate, but man its very subjective. What might take Sachin tendulkar to score a hundred centuries in say about 25 years of test cricket, may not be achieveable at all. Did we all imagine that a hundred can be scored in about 30-35 balls, it just happened. So the idea sounds very vague and not so sensible.

Whoa, wait guys, the meaning of this is you manage your energy, resources and attitude to achieve the task you have taken or received to be fulfilled in the time you have been given or allocated. What fun is to remain not out when the innings is over and you have lost the match, when as a batsman, it was his responsibility to remain not out and score and then win the match.

So think. All you need is FOCUS and ATTITUDE.

So goes the adage, ”life’s born easy, we have made it difficult somewhere in between”……….