It may seem like video games are as healthy as junk food, but as long as they are not too violent and you are okay with the content, video games do have some surprising health perks: They are good for digital dexterity, and they may have social benefits, if you are sure your daughter/son is swapping his/ her laser fire with wholesome playmates. She/he may even be developing motor skills that could someday come in handy.

many studies show that watching TV is associated with obesity, but playing video games may not be!!! Afterall, with two hands on buttons, that means there are no hands in the bag of chips 🙂 Just make sure you limit your daughter/son’s screen time and that they get at least 30 minutes of (real) physical activity a day. YOu can also suggest she/he play a video game like Dande Dance Revolution, which will keep him/her moving. And next time she/he turns on her/his Xbox, Play Station, join him/her for some together time and to hone your own skills!!